26 November 2011

new in: bottega veneta

New to the shop for Spring/Summer 2012 is Italian luxury label Bottega Veneta. Renowned for its signature intrecciato woven leather, Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta's timeless style has earned it a loyal and discerning followingsince its launch in 1966. German designer Tomas Maier took over as head designer in 2001, giving the label's classic brand of chic a new, modern perspective. The look is clean, modern and sophisticated.

This spring Bottega Veneta takes surface and hand as the starting point for an exuberant romp through extraordinary materials, unusual finishes, and exaggerated prints. The palette is vivid and saturated, centered on lush shades of tourmaline, dark denim and indigo. Blood red, irish green, burnt orange, plaster and chocolate brown heighten the vibrant mood. The silhouette is architecturally rigorous but sensuous, a combination of tailored angles and fluid lines that keep close to the body. Shapes are illusory, with layers of fabric altering the apparent line of a dress or skirt so that a first glance leads to a second look.

Materials encompass a broad spectrum of textures, finishes and drapes. The list includes ultra-matte silk, silk chiffon, and cotton organza, high-shine satin, and wool gabardine that's been calendered to give the surface a delicate luster. Blends of wool and silk, wool and viscose, and silk and polyester make for fabrics with unexpected weights and weaves. Three-dimentional surfaces-quilted, faconne, seersucker, coated- add substance and volume. Prints are abstract and overprinted, creating the illusion of depth. While each material is interesting on its own, maximum impact derives from the mix, from combinations of matte and shine, stiff amd fluid, textured and smooth.

''This season, we wanted to make clothes with a sense of freedom and high spirits,'' says Creative Director Tomas Maier. ''There is a certain joy in this profusion of colors and textures, a strength that comes from unusual pieces that are beautifully made and not easily categorized.''

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